Not known Details About اِسلامی ویڈیوز اُردو یوٹیوب چینل

اس طرح سے آپکو کوئی اشتہار بھی نظر نہیں آئے گا جس سے آپکے نیٹ کی رفتار پر اثر بھی نہیں پڑے گا

 مسلمان اسلام مخالف سائٹس دیکھنے سے حتی الوسع گریز کریں)۔

through which interval that College was the house of paganism while in the clergy eye perspective & Studying of latest science was called currently being opposite of faith, and visiting the university experienced brought a foul reputation for clergies because of the publicity of exploiters, Martyr Mofatteh entered university.

Finding that it's a plot of colonialism to different College goers & clergies, he attempted to carry unity and make regularity concerning both of these courses with the society. In Regardless of of opposite local climate, his essay concerning the unity of your seminary & the College that revealed within the Maktab-e-Islam journal witnesses his thoughts in this situation. Becoming faithful to his objectives, with the really starting, he made an effort to illumine Students' minds & manufactured his courses the nucleus of their constitutions aiming Campaign from the monarchy. He also set up Pupils' Islamic Union, co-working with martyr Beheshti for achieving this function.

Her mastery over melody with a solid background of classical tunes continues to be unmatched. She sang Punjabi tracks and Urdu ghazals with equivalent relieve and incredible finesse.

But ALLAH has sent all of his prophets for your betterment of mankind. so teaching of each prophets and tales of all prophets are entire of knowledge and classes.

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In the commencement of language, poetry is the initial step. Men and women converse through poetry. Naat is the phrase of poetry in which poet praise the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.

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He requested the invasion following a number of current attacks which culminated from the murder of the American soldier.

Noor Jehan the reigned supreme above the South Asian tunes scene for a lot more than six decades. She rose from near oblivion of your

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“When a man came to Prophet (SAW) and reported: “I'm hard pressed by hunger.” Prophet found that he experienced nothing at all to feed him, so he (Observed) reported to his companions: “Who will entertain this (guy) for a guest?” Among the list of Ansars stated: “Ya Rasul Allah I'll.” So he took him house and questioned his spouse: “Have you ever bought everything?” She answered: “Nothing at all, apart from slightly foods for the kids.

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